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August 20, 2004

APA and Media Suppress Coverage of Bush Mental Health Testing Plan


According to a recent release of MindFreedom News, the American Psychiatric Association Says the Bush Administration is "Appreciative" of APA Efforts to Suppress Mass Media Coverage of Facts and Stories Raised by the British Medical Journal Series, exposing plans to screen pregnant mothers and children up to 18 years for "mental illness" so as to provide treatment, which means prescription of psychiatric drugs. The controversial Bush plan was developed in his home state Texas and is, according to whistleblower Allen Jones, being exported to other states all over the US.

To be sure, Illinois has plans to introduce compulsory testing of pregnant women and all children. Other states are sure to follow. Meanwhile, the Bush administration has indicated its appreciation of APA efforts to cool the story. Don't want to wake the sleeping giant, do we?

Never mind that often psychiatric drug treatment which is already common in American schools leads to suicide and worse - uncontrollable violence. School shootings do not just happen. They are committed by kids under the influence of psychiatric drugs. Bush's plan is set to greatly expand the drugging of America.

Read the update from MindFreedom...

Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2004 12:36:53 -0700
From: " - Office"

Subject: UPDATE: Bush Mental Health Screening of All Americans Resisted - Mass Media Silent

MindFreedom International UPDATE - 19 August 2004



*UPDATE*: The American Psychiatric Association brags that the Bush "administration is appreciative" of how APA kept this story out of the mass media!

President Bush announced that every man, woman and child in the USA will be screened for "mental illness" in a plan that was created by the psychiatric drug industry, said the internationally prestigious British Medical Journal.

MindFreedom International, a coalition of 100 groups working for human rights in mental health, opposes the Bush plan. They ask that President Bush be screened first. The famous physician Patch Adams says, "I'll screen him for free. He needs a lot of help."

MINDFREEDOM STARTS NEW "WEB NODE" TO RESIST THE BUSH PLAN with the latest news, media articles, updates and reports about the growing controversy.

Go to to find this news:


*** UPDATE: The American Psychiatric Association is caught boasting in their member newsletter that they helped suppress mass media coverage of the scandal exposed by the British Medical Journal series! The APA brags the Bush "administration is appreciative." APA blames the mess on "a psychiatric survivor group." Catch the APA gloating here:


*** CORPORATE MEDIA MAY TAKE ITS ORDERS FROM THE AMERICAN PSYCHIATRIC ASSOCIATION, but when *every* person in the USA is being signed up for a new psychiatric program, MindFreedom News feels *you* have the right to know!

A MindFreedom News Release calls for a symbolic screening of President Bush first by Patch Adams - see a photo of this famous physician/clown psychiatric survivor:


*** UPDATED "Frequently Asked Questions" page explains...

- The role of the psychiatric drug corporations in creating the "Texas Medication Algorithm Project" which is to be applied to all residents of the USA...

- How whistleblowers Allen Jones and psychiatrist Stefan Kruszewski broke the silence, lost their jobs and are suing government officials...

- In case you thought you could "just say no," Bush appointee psychiatrist Sally Satel plus the huge corporate think tank American Enterprise Institute that Satel works for is pushing for a massive increase in court-ordered *outpatient* psychiatric drugging...

- And just who is Patch Adams, and why should he screen President Bush first for mental health problems?


*** Read the stories USA corporate media are suppressing! View the hard hitting British Medical Journal series by Jeanne Lenzer that concisely exposes how Bush is obeying drug company orders to "screen" every single American.

Plus links to alternative media articles, background & more:


ACT NOW: Please forward the link to this news alert to your friends.

Ask your elected leaders to investigate psychiatric drug company corruption inside your government.


What will do you if or when it's time for *you* and *your* loved ones to be "screened"?

If Bush plans to screen the entire population for mental health problems.... Don't you think it's time you joined MindFreedom International? All for one and one for all.

MindFreedom International is creating a "MindFreedom Shield" program to help defend members from threats of coercive psychiatry by issuing alerts. Watch for more news soon.


MindFreedom is totally independent, and not connected to any government, mental health provider, church or drug company.

The majority of MindFreedom members have personally experienced coerced psychiatric procedures, but membership is open to everyone who supports human rights in mental health and includes advocates, professionals and family members.




To be added to this MindFreedom DENDRITE human rights public announcement list, e-mail:

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