("Blunt your Emotions or Get Traumatized!")
The Pineal Gland
Extremely LifeLike Bizarre SSRI-AntiDepressant Dreams/Nightmares

The Pineal Gland Scenario Element 2:
* offend someones conscience: mostly integrity/morality & criminality issues *

*** I love the dreams I have. I have always loved to dream. I am one of those that think your dreams are your mind showing you what you really feel or think about the situation. For example. My boyfriend left me a few month back for a woman online. Well, I had a dream about a month ago that he showed up with her and she was going to have a baby. Well, I have Rotties which she hates. So in the dream I let the dogs out on them took the gun and hunted them down like wild animals.LOL. Now I know this sounds awful. But guess what I found out. Yet she is pregnant.. My ex wants a Rottie pup from me. And he asked if he could come and stay here.. Well, I just had to laugh and say I don't think is a good idea.. See I think my mind was showing me what I already new what was going to happen.. So now I watch my dreams as they where movies. There is a lot to learn from a dream. Oh one last thing. I think on reason I remember my dreams as now I dream in color... Anyone out there that dreams in color?????

*** One of my major stresses with going to bed at the moment is that I am dreaming really scary dreams where I do or get accused of life-threatening and illegal/immoral things. Most times I end up in gaol and no-one believes that I either didn't do it, or that I did it to get away from something that was terrifying.
I wake up being unable to breathe as if I have been actually running or doing whatever the dream involved (like riding on the top of a train jumping from carriage to carriage, and then jumping off at the bend before the station - I still get caught).

*** I had lots of awful dreams. One I remember clearly. I was fighting in a war, somewhere in Asia. I had a huge machine gun and I was killing people. It was almost like a computer game - like space invaders. These people were coming towards me and I could clearly see their faces and I was just killing them without any remorse or feelings...