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News in brief
(Filed: 15/07/2004)

Child porn sentence on former Eton master
Parts of North Sea will close to save fish
Nightclub arrest of 007's son
Man and child die in fall
Bay City Roller drink charge
Shooting champion's suicide
Fruit fights ectopic condition

Child porn sentence on former Eton master

A former Eton College classics master was given a suspended prison sentence yesterday after he admitted hoarding pornographic images of teenage boys on his computer.

Ian McAuslan, 58, stored the images at his Eton lodgings and at home in Southampton. They were found after he gave a computer to the college's information technology department for an upgrade. He resigned after his arrest.

More than 2,000 pictures of boys, some engaged in sexual activity, were found. McAuslan admitted downloading them. Nadia Chbat, prosecuting, told Reading Crown Court the images included boys in erotic poses and children having sex with adults.

McAuslan, who had an unblemished 33-year career in teaching, admitted two counts of having indecent pictures of children and 14 of making them. He received a nine-month jail sentence, suspended for two years, and was put on the Sex Offenders' Register for seven years.

No specific order was made banning him from working with children.

Parts of North Sea will close to save fish
Proposals for experimental closed areas in the North Sea to protect endangered fish stocks and wildlife will be announced in a few months, Ben Bradshaw, the fisheries minister, said yesterday.

Mr Bradshaw was responding to a proposal by the environmental group Greenpeace that 40 per cent of the North Sea should be made off-limits to fishing, dredging or oil and gas exploration.

Greenpeace's proposals have alarmed fishermen, who say that they would just lead to an increase in fishing pressure in the other 60 per cent of the sea, but they have a basis - though not a precedent for their size - in some of the international obligations that Britain has signed.

Mr Bradshaw agreed with Greenpeace's claims that management of fisheries by the European Union had failed to protect fish stocks or the marine environment.

But he said that this would be dealt with by fish recovery plans agreed as part of the reforms of the Common Fisheries Policy in 2002.

Nightclub arrest of 007's son

The adopted son of the James Bond star Pierce Brosnan has been arrested in connection with the theft of mobile phones from a London nightclub.

Christopher Brosnan, 32, was held by security staff at Chinawhite.

Police arrived at the nightclub at 3am yesterday and took the film producer to a central London police station. He was held in custody after it was found he had failed to answer bail following his arrest in April for theft and handling stolen goods at Victoria coach station.

Yesterday afternoon he was taken to Kennington Road police station in south London and released on bail. He was ordered to return on Aug 12.

Christopher and his sister Charlotte, 30, were adopted by Brosnan after he married their mother Cassandra Harris, who died of cancer in 1991.

Man and child die in fall

A man and a child were found dead next to a multi-storey car park in Wolverhampton last night.

Witnesses said a man and a girl, believed to be about three, fell from the top floor.

Bay City Roller drink charge

Les McKeown, the lead singer of the 70s pop group the Bay City Rollers, will appear before Thames Magistrates in east London today charged with driving with excess alcohol, failing to stop at the scene of an accident and driving without insurance following an incident on July 8 in east London.

A spokesman for his solicitors said: "Mr McKeown regrets the situation and will make a full statement on the matter after the court hearing."

The Bay City Rollers had hits with Bye, Bye Baby and Shang-A-Lang and were followed by screaming fans.

Shooting champion's suicide

A woman who twice won the world clay pigeon shooting championship killed herself with her own shotgun two weeks after seeing her boyfriend in a nightclub with his ex-wife, an inquest heard yesterday.

Joanne Marsh, 26, shot herself in the head in November after plunging into a deep depression brought on by the incident and also the stress of moving house. Her "on-off" boyfriend, Graham Pope, said she told him the doctor had given her anti-depressants.

The inquest in Wells, Somerset, heard that Miss Marsh's body was discovered at Marshes Peat Supplies, in Sharpham, near Glastonbury, Somerset, the family business.

Tony Williams, the East Somerset coroner, recorded a verdict of suicide.

Fruit fights ectopic condition

Women can lower their risk of endometriosis by eating more fresh fruit and green vegetables, but eating red meat and ham seems to increase the risk of the disease, says research.

The ectopic condition, affecting about one in five women of childbearing age, occurs when tissue usually found in the lining of the womb develops outside the uterus and reacts to the menstrual cycle, causing bleeding, discomfort, pain and sometimes infertility. The findings, published in Human Reproduction, come from a study of the diet of 1,000 Italian women.

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