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Client dies from effects of the drug Serzone

Suit Filed on Behalf of Family

Complaint filed in New York

Letter to Bristol-Myers Squibb re: Serzone

Serzone to be pulled from market next month

We are sad to report the death of our Serzone client, Cassie Jo Geisenhof, 19, who died April 12, 2004 after long-term complications resulting from her liver transplant four years earlier. Cassie, at age 15, suffered liver failure and underwent a liver transplant three months after being prescribed Serzone for treatment of depression.

Cassie's story, which has received national media attention, is only one tragic example of the deadly affects of dangerous prescription medication and further supports recent efforts to ban Serzone in the United States. Serzone has already been banned or removed from the market in Canada, Europe, and Australia as a result of numerous reports of liver failure associated with its use.

Video: CBS News Report on this dangerous drug, including the death of Cassie

Video: Andy Birchfield discusses Serzone and Cassie


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