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Election 2004 Saturday, October 16, 2004
Rove testifies in CIA leak investigation
White House political director Karl Rove testified before a federal grand jury Friday morning but has been told he's not a target in the investigation into the leak of an undercover CIA operative's name, Rove's attorney said Friday.

Broadcaster to air anti-Kerry film
In the past 10 years, top executives at Sinclair Broadcast Group have given more than $300,000 to the Republican cause. Now, they are poised to give the best gift yet -- free airtime on dozens of television stations just days before Nov. 2 for an emotional documentary that accuses John Kerry of betraying Vietnam POWs.
e-Poll: Equal airtime?

Kerry lesbian remark angers Cheneys
Sen. John Kerry's mention Wednesday of Vice President Dick Cheney's lesbian daughter drew rebuke from the Bush campaign Thursday and strongly mixed reactions from gays and lesbians.
Campaigns head to Midwest; Kerry hits drug law
Poll | Photos | Video

Waiting on line
Newsday Photo / Jiro Ose
Views of the voters
Their vote? For Oprah
Women may feel a disconnect with Kerry or Bush, but Oprah is someone they can back. Special report by Newsday's Stephanie McCrummen continues.
Photos: On the road from Chicago

  More Politics
9/11, divided electorate, Internet fuel mean politics
From the rhetoric of the candidates and their advertising to the conspiracy theories and invectives trafficked on the Internet by untold partisans, the political process is awash in acrimony. The reasons vary.

Study: Delays keep NY immigrants from polls
Federal processing delays have disqualified about 60,000 New York State immigrants from being naturalized in time to vote in next month's presidential election, according to a new study.

Candidates meet in western showdown
Kerry says Bush has sided with the affluent; the president says Kerry’s promises are belied by liberal record.
Candidates are back on the road today

Blacks express ambivalence about Kerry
The loud voices from the hair salon in West Philadelphia poured into the street. Young black men and women were talking about politics, in particular whether Sen. John Kerry or President Bush could best lead the nation.
Third Presidential Debate

Convention cost $150M
The Republican National Convention in New York had a total tab of about $150 million, including security.

Bush, Kerry may use every chance to attack
Campaigning in the Rockies in the runup to tonight's final presidential debate, President Bush turned to football coach Mike Shanahan of the NFL's Denver Broncos for a little inspiration.
The Debate at a glance

Race tight in key Midwest states
Sen. John Kerry has improved his standing over President Bush in four Midwestern battleground states where domestic concerns of health care and the economy have overtaken the issues of terrorism and Iraq, a new Chicago Tribune poll shows.
Chicago Tribune's Jeff Zeleny discusses the recent Chicago Tribune poll and the upcoming third and final debate.
Graphic | Graphic

Edwards Warns Floridians of GOP 'Tricks'
Sen. John Edwards, visiting the state that narrowly put President Bush in the White House in 2000 after a disputed recount and voting irregularities, issued a warning Saturday to Floridians about Republicans.

  AP Political News
 U.S. to Quit Inspecting Tobacco (10:49PM EDT)

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