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H.S. Shooter Talks of Taunting

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The Associated Press
Thursday, April 12, 2001; 9:19 PM

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. A 14-year-old girl said she shot a classmate last month to make the victim "know my pain" from repeated teasing and taunting.

Elizabeth Bush told the ABC News program "20/20" that the shooting has played over repeatedly in her mind since March 7, the day she shot Kim Marchese at the cafeteria of Bishop Neumann Junior-Senior High School.

Elizabeth, who had transferred into the school a year earlier, told interviewer Connie Chung that she was deeply depressed and counseling and anti-depressants failed to help.

"They'd just call me an idiot, stupid, fat, ugly, faggot, whatever," Elizabeth said in the interview, which is scheduled to air Friday.

Elizabeth said her depression caused her to cut her arms with a razor. She said Kim had befriended her but told others about the self-mutilation, leaving her feeling betrayed.

"People express their anger different ways," Elizabeth said. "Crying helps. That didn't help me. So I thought maybe I'd try this and maybe it will help. And it's just like the actually the pain is it just takes away all your depression and for a minute you're not depressed anymore."

She was sentenced April 4 to an open-ended term at a psychiatric facility.

Kim Marchese, who was wounded in the right shoulder, told Chung that she now knows she should have acted differently.

"I knew the teasing was wrong and that's why I asked her if it was bothering her so I would stop," Kim said, "I mean, I should have stopped right away."

2001 The Associated Press