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Tyre slasher had mix of drink and pills

PAULA Townsend went on a tyre slashing spree after mixing alcohol and prescribed medication. Blackburn magistrates heard that she used a knife to slash tyres on 11 different cars in the Bentham Road area where she lives.

And the court was told that Townsend could offer no logical explanation for her behaviour.

Townsend, 31, of Broadway Street, Blackburn, pleaded guilty to two specimen charges of criminal damage and asked for nine other offences to be taken into consideration. She was given a conditional discharge for 12 months and ordered to pay £50 costs and £653 compensation.

Claire Fanning, prosecuting, said Townsend had been seen running away and throwing the knife away. When interviewed she said she had been drinking after taking Prozac.

Sarah Perkins, defending, said Townsend, who is due to be married next week, had been suffering from depression since the death of her mother. "She is extremely remorseful and this was totally out of character," said Miss Perkins.

"You have a lady before you who is not criminally minded. This was a one off incident which came about because of her inability to cope with the death of someone she had been very close to."

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