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The International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology (2003), 6:89-90 Cambridge University Press
Copyright 2003 Collegium Internationale Neuropsychopharmacologicum
DOI 10.1017/S1461145703003274
Letter to the Editor

Mania associated with venlafaxine discontinuation

Giovanni A. Fava a1c1 and Lara Mangelli a1
a1 Affective Disorders Program, Department of Psychology, University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy

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Switch to hypomania, mania, or rapid-cycling has been reported with virtually every class of antidepressant medication (Montgomery et al., 2000). Mania and hypomania have been also reported as a result of antidepressant discontinuation in bipolar disorder, whether or not patients were also taking a mood stabilizer (Goldstein et al., 1999). Venlafaxine-associated mania (Shulman et al., 2001; Stoner et al., 1999) and a paradoxical shift to mania upon its discontinuation despite adequate lithium treatment have been reported (Goldstein et al., 1999). We describe here, however, a case which has some interesting features by virtue of its longitudinal development.

(Received July 22 2002)
(Reviewed October 30 2002)
(Revised November 27 2002)
(Accepted December 3 2002)

c1 Dr G. A. Fava, Department of Psychology, University of Bologna, Viale Berti Pichat 5, 40127 Bologna, Italy. Tel.: +39-051-2091339 Fax: +39-051-243086 E-mail: fava@psibo.unibo.it

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